Sunday 13 May 2018

Spirales d'argent

My jewellery has taken on a bit of a new image and re-vamp lately.  With a new name and logo.  You can still find it on our website under the "parent" name of T&M Arts and Crafts (where you will also still find Mark Betson's artwork) now under its new name, this is to make it all a bit more sexier!

The other big change is that it is now solely only available online via the T&M website, my Etsy shop or my Folksy shop.

You can still find my best selling silver spiral necklaces and also a selection with my favourite gemstones. And now you can use option boxes to choose what silver grade you would like it made in (silver plated, 925 sterling silver or 99.99% fine silver) all from one listing, so there's no more having to scroll through endless listings to find what you want.

Tuesday 23 August 2016

Sidmouth Folk Week

Sidmouth Folk Week 2016

We attended Sidmouth Folk Week again this year as traders  on the sea front, this time we planned to do all 8 days, so we were at a different end of the promenade to last last year. (Sandwiched in between two great other traders).

We had some highs and lows during the week, with the biggest low being Monday's weather, despite turning up and setting up with a few other traders, it soon became clear that the rain was going to get worse not better and when it started to find its way inside the gazebo we knew at 1pm it was time to give up. Our neighbours stuck it out tho, shutting themselves in and working in their workshop. They said at 5.30 they saw the funniest thing, a group of Morris dancers were determined not to loose their spot despite the weather and lack of spectators, they danced in the rain as if there was no tomorrow!  Luckily not every day was like Monday, we had some stunning days.

We had a very successful and enjoyable week, if only it was every other week! We are already looking forward to next year and are planning on making some big changes, some of which we will start to implement over the coming months in preparation.

Excuse the finger I was balancing on a wall!
Most of the time we had calm beautiful seas.

Selling my big mosaic on the Tuesday, was one of my big successes.
We had some moody weather too.
The secret of trading on the seafront, is be prepared for all weathers, I go with 2 set of weights and plenty of gazebo sides, even for the front in case the sea mist comes in and keep everything in plastic boxes, because when it rains - it rains!!

For the most part of the week, Mark was working at his "normal job" (so I had Hazel to help me), but he did manage to take the last day off so that he could join me, this has made him excited about how we can improve on the last two years and make our third year at Sidmouth bigger and better. See you next year Sidmouth.

We finished the week with Nunney and Tyntesfield, making it a gruelling 10 days but well worth it and just how I love it!

Monday 27 June 2016

T-Shirts and Bags

T-Shirts and Bags

Mark and I are working hard behind the scenes to bring a new product to our collection. T-shirts and bags.

These will have Mark's specially designed mandala drawings screen printed onto the fabric.  This has meant we are learning a whole new craft, which is very exciting and we hope to have cotton shopper tote bags by late summer and the t-shirts by the Autumn.

These are prototypes of the designs (these have been put on using transfers, so are not for sale - the final t-shirts will be screen printed, which will mean the design wont come off or have crusty edges).  

Mark is aiming to have about a dozen different designs which will be printed onto a selection of different colour and sized t-shirts, to give us a stock for events. But we also intend to print to order, so you can select your colour t-shirt and size with the design of your choice.

I will keep you informed on our progress and when items will be available to purchase.

Friday 8 April 2016

Mark Animal Art

Just before Christmas Mark decided to try a new range of paintings, some of which I have already shown you, he has now got really into the new "Animal" range and new ones are popping out every few weeks, so here's a photo gallery of all the new ones so far, in no particular order.

 The Tigress
 Green Parrot and Puffin
 Orangutan and twin Parrots
 Cockerel and Tree Frog
 And finally still in progress The Chimpanzee 

All will be available as prints and cards very soon!!

Tuesday 1 March 2016

Mothers Day 6th March 2016

It's not too late to order your Mother's day presents and card from T&M

and it will be in the post by the morning!

And as a little extra
All necklace orders will also get a FREE pair of matching earrings!!

And don't forget your Card!!

Because us Mum's are worth it!!

Tuesday 2 February 2016

Exciting news about Mark's artwork!

We now have NEW ways to buy Mark's Artwork

Are you a fan of Mark's work? I know I am!!!

No longer can you just purchase prints and cards of Mark's work, you can now buy it on:

Throw cushions and pillows
Duvet covers (in ALL sizes)
Canvas prints
Acrylic Prints
Metal Prints
Phone Cases
Tote bags
and even Shower Curtains!!

Click HERE to go to our NEW Fine Art America store.  More images will be uploaded soon.

Friday 29 January 2016

My goodness me January has flown by!!

I can't believe January is nearly over! I've only been out a couple of times this month (St Nicks market in Bristol), as there isn't much point battling with the weather this time of year.

So instead I have been preparing for the next year. I have booked up some new and exciting events as well as returning to my old favourites, this is an ongoing list and will change a bit as the year progresses, but you can start to get some ideas of where you can find me, on our events page.
I have been playing with some new ideas, some with not a lot of success, so I may not continue (what I did make, I will list on my Folksy tho), it was fun having a go however. I was attempting to make and use air dry clay. This was a home made recipe using cornflour, pva glue, baby oil and lemon juice, which you mixed all together, heated up in the microwave and after getting in a really sticky mess, it eventually comes together into a dough. I then used cutters to make hearts and flowers, some I left plain and then painted, some I pushed in some glass pebbles and beads and some I laid lace across and then using a rolling pin made a pattern. After drying for a couple of days, I attached a ribbon. They can be used for gift tags. They are never going to make my million tho!
I have also taken a bit of inspiration from Mark, which I really enjoyed doing, so I might continue with these.
Mostly this month however I have been having a massive sort out, I have moved my work area out of the studio and into a new workshop at the back of the barn. And I have been going through all of our "stuff", I now have a big pile of "stuff" to take to a car boot sale with the children when the weather improves.

Mark's been his usual busy, creating a new range of greeting cards, just in time for Valentines day and Mothers day. All available on our online shop.  The original designs will be available too.

I have to share this bit of news!
Our son decided 5 months ago to stop dedicating his time playing football and learn a new skill, so he picked up Mark's acoustic guitar (that he bought about 12 years ago but never got around to learning) and started teaching himself. And he's actually quite good! On Saturday we went to a second hand music shop and he bought himself an electric guitar. He wants to get good enough to apply for a buskers license and start earning some money in Taunton, so watch this space! And the video below!!